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When my grandfather passed away a couple of years ago, I ended up inheriting from him a share in the Wine Society – this is the John Lewis of the wine world: a mutual that ploughs its profits back into making good wines available at decent prices. If you are interested to know more, just have a look online.

Before Christmas, a friend of mine and I went to one of the Society’s tastings in London – exploring the wines of Portugal. It was interesting and informative – primarily because there are lots of indigenous Portugese grapes that I had never heard of. There were also a wide range of Madeira wines and Ports to try.

Verdelho is one of the four main grape varieties grown on the island of Madeira, and it is famous for making a medium dry fortified wine. So it caught my eye on the label of a South East Australian dry white on offer in Morrisons at the moment.

Rosemount, one of the bigger Australian producers, has created a (2009 vintage) Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay blend. It is less than half price at £4.99, until 26 February.

A medium lemon colour, the wine has immediate aromas of pear drops, apples and lychee; and after a swirl in the glass it has real cleanliness and freshness, and a bit of a tropical fruit rush.

It is a well-balanced wine in respect of alcohol and acidity with limey citrus flavours, and is evocative of fresh cut grass and summer days. Even though it’s the middle of winter, it’ll go beautifully with your favourite fish pie.


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Dedicated readers will have realised by now that we have switched the column to a fortnightly rota. So as to work up a thirst, you understand!

And if there are wines that you have bought locally in-between time, that you rate, why not drop me a line at http://www.sussexwinelist.co.uk

Now I promised to keep Bexhill readers in mind, and throw in a recommendation from Ravenside every so often…

Well we went there today to find some teething granules for the youngest, and I took the opportunity to slope off and check out what little gems Tesco might have on offer.

For those of you with expensive tastes, I heard over the tannoy that they are selling Dom Perignon champagne at half price.

But I digress. What I found up high on the shelves was an uninspiring looking label, but a real treat for white wine lovers.

Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, is famous for its Semillon wines. The grape is a favourite of mine, and makes up one half of the traditional White Bordeaux blend.

This 2010 Denman Vineyard Semillon (selected by Tesco) was a lovely medium lemon colour with an interesting first set of aromas – marmalade, apples and more exotic fruit. After a swirl in the glass they were fresher and crisper, giving a whiff of lemon sherbet.

Dry and full bodied on the palate, it had the most detailed flavours of ripe lemons – from the rind, through the flesh, to the lemonade that it might make for a hot summer’s day.

It will keep and develop in bottle if you can stop yourself from drinking it now. And will be a very good partner to a meaty fish, or a Thai supper. Down £2 to £7.99, it is on offer until 6 September.

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