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So this is the second of the three wines that I bought from Morrisons in Hastings last Thursday.  The third is their own brand Carmenère, from the Colchagua region of Chile.  I’ll try and taste it, and post a note before the offer runs out on 19 June.

To my mind, Morgon is a lovely wine.  One of the ten Cru Beaujolais.  And a well-kept secret by the Burgundians.  To be drunk young; it’s not a keeper.

It says on the label:

‘The village of Morgon produces some of the finest wines in Beaujolais.  This Morgon is no exception, with vibrant red fruit notes, hints of blackcurrant, and a long, complex finish.  It’s a wonderful food wine; it goes beautifully with roast pork, chicken with mushrooms in a creamy sauce or a good French cheese.’

I should have mentioned that it has been made by a wine merchant, rather than at a particular vineyard.  This means, I think, that the winemaker will have been able to use (Gamay) grapes from around the appellation.

As per the video – for which a shout out to my mate Kirsty, who took over from Ruth who was bathing various children – it’s £3 off at the moment down from £8.39 to £5.39.

Here are the details:

Pierre Baltier, AC Morgon, 2009, 13% vol, £5.39 at Morrisons, Hastings

Perry Points for this, 7/10; Kirsty would have given it a 6 I reckon, because she prefers hers blackcurranty, and to cut with a knife!


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