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I have been beguiled by the Co-op’s Fairtrade selection again.

This time I was in the Bohemia Road store, but I am pretty sure the Ore Village, Central St Leonard’s and Silverhill ones will have it too…

Over the last year or so I have been trying to broaden my experience of white wine grapes. And one of my favourite new finds has been the Torrentés grape from Argentina.

The Co-op’s own Fairtrade Torrentés Chardonnay blend (2011 vintage) has been made from grapes grown in the La Rioja valley, which as I am sure you know nestles between the Velazco mountain range in the East and the Andes in the West.

This is a solidly lemon colour in the glass with white grapefruit and minerals on the first nose – like a wintry sea breeze. After a swirl , the aromas are more of white spring flowers.

Dry and with high acidity – it really got my saliva glands working – the alcohol is not too fierce in the throat and it has a lovely silky body which at £4.99 is pretty darn impressive.

Flavours of green apple and a herby, lightly fennel-y twist make this possibly the best value white wine I have tasted for a good while.

Not that I have them much, and with Valentine’s Day a fading memory, this would have gone beautifully with fresh oysters. A trip to Rock-a-Nore beckons…


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I realised over the past week that I haven’t yet reviewed anything for you committed Rosé drinkers.

And as the weather has been on the turn, and the pinks are always better in the warmer weather, I thought I’d better get on with it…

So, whilst the ratatouille was bubbling away, I toddled off to the Co-op in Ore Village to see what the pick of their pinks might be.

For those of you who shop regularly at the Co-op, you will know that they have started to pick out red, white and pink ‘Wines of the month’. And this month’s pink was their own brand, Chilean Fairtrade Merlot Rosé 2010.

Produced in the Curicó Valley – most probably in the vineyards that surround the Pan-American Highway, close to the snow-capped Andes, this is a beautiful dark salmon colour with aromas of guava, clementines and passion fruit. After a swirl in the glass there were more red fruit smells of strawberry and cherry.

Dry, with high acidity that got the old taste buds working feverishly, this has nicely integrated tannins and alcohol (relatively high at 13.5%) and flavours of citrus and raspberries – and how freshly cut grass smells!

Part of the Co-op’s Fairtrade range, this is hopefully as good for the workers as it is might be with the ‘summer salads and light pasta dishes’ that the label recommends.

And down from £5.99 to £4.49 until 4 October, it is exceptionally good value.

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