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I hope you will come to love the little video camera on my mobile phone as much as I do.  These are some of the never-ending fields of vines in between the road to Blaye and the Gironde estuary as, earlier this month, I trundled along on the bus to see Vauban’s great Citadel.

Needless to say we don’t have the same volume of vines here in Sussex as they do in the Côtes de Bourg.  What we do have are smaller, boutique vineyards, which are developing superb reputations in high end (particularly sparkling) wines.

If you visit some of our best viticulturists locally, they might tell you that the terroir in Sussex is very similar to the Champagne region – very chalky indeed.  I will bring pictures in due course…

And the climate appears to be getting steadily warmer, so on our soils we are able to ripen some of the more famous and luscious grape varietals.  Times have certainly changed since the 1970s…

You’d better come and see for yourself!


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