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Asda at Silverhill was chock full of interesting wines this week when I popped in.

But the Church Mouse Falanghina 2009 was a wine that I have spied before, and so with it being down £1.50 to £5.48, I thought I’d give it a try for you. (It’s a tough job – but someone’s got to do it!)

Falanghina is a white grape grown in Southern Italy and is getting an increasing following in the UK. Why ‘Church Mouse’ you might ask? Well, their by-line is ‘delicious frugality’.

Ideal with our locally caught seafood, this is a solidly lemon colour with a lemony, blossomy first nose – and a good whiff of honey after a swirl in the glass.

Still young after a couple of years in bottle and packed full of citrus flavours this is a medium-bodied white which is quite light and airy on the palate. Fresh, grapefruity – a good buy for those of you who like a drier white.

Hope that there’s still some left by the time you get there!


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It’s time to review a white wine again and, back at Asda in Silverhill for a look around, I was tempted by the Greener Planet Wine Co. Marsanne Chardonnay blend (reduced by three quid down to a tempting £5.50). This wine came by the litre and in an eco-plastic bottle, which is reducing the company’s carbon footprint significantly.

But call me old-fashioned – there’s something just wrong about wine in plastic bottles. I fear I might have to get over myself for the good of the environment!

In any case, the wine that I ended up buying – down from £6.97 to a really good value £4.50 – was another South West French blend – a 2010 Appellation Origine Protegee (which is what they have changed the AOC quality mark to) Languedoc: made from Grenache Blanc, Marsanne and Roussanne grapes.

In fact, these are grapes as readily associated with the Rhone Valley as the Languedoc , but needless to say Roche du Sud has made a very drinkable white, at a price that will not break the bank.

A golden colour, this was a dry wine with ripe lemons and pink grapefruit on the first nose. After a swirl in the glass, the aromas were less rindy and more floral – honeysuckle maybe. Honey was definitely in the mix.

On the palate there was a lot of minerality – almost making it taste good for you – and, despite the finish being short, I was left with a clear sense of crunchy green apple.

This wine was fuller bodied than I had expected and will hold its own with pork or chicken dishes – even those with a bit of spice.

In my rush I didn’t have chance to find out when the offer ends, but hopefully you will get there in time!

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The idea of the column is to provide recommendations for bargain buys from across Hastings & St Leonard’s. So to that end I stopped by the Co-op in Ore Village to see what they might have to review this week.

There were some real possibilities. Only trouble being that all of the offers end on 12 July, which is the day before The Resident hits the doormat.

No use. So I jump in the car and set off for Asda in Silverhill.

Gary the floor manager wasn’t in when I arrived. He gives me the low-down on how long the offers will be on for – because they don’t tell you on the promo card, which is a bit silly if you ask me. So, at the time of writing, my ‘wine of the week’ is sitting there waiting for you – for a fiver.

And after last week’s Zinfandel, it’s one for you white wine lovers: Asda’s own Extra Special Gavi 2010.

This is from North East Italy in the Piemonte region, and took a silver at the Decanter wine awards, 2011. It’s got the top Italian quality classification – DOCG.

The wine is down to £5 from £7.98, and a bargain it is too. A lovely pale lemon colour, it’s got lemons and limes on the nose, with some floral notes. After a swirl, more aromas of apple and marzipan.

It’s dry and fruity with good acidity and plenty of citrus flavours around the mouth. We had ours with a chicken and avocado salad. It’d be great with fish and chips too…

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If you’ve been waiting for a wine column in The Resident, well pop the corks! I’m here every fortnight, giving the inside track on what’s out there in our local area for all you winelovers-on-a-budget.

There’ll be a tip. A red and white that’s on offer locally. And a suggestion for food to go with.

If you don’t buy your wine online, or head up to Cellar2Glass on The Ridge, then you’ll probably buy at the supermarket.

The trouble is that you can’t taste beforehand. So if you’ve got lots of knowledge already, great. For those that don’t, you get a scan at the label before you’re on to the next aisle and the yoghurts. It can be hit and miss.

So I’m going to review a wide range of wines, telling you where you can get them, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Tip of the week: always look out for the wines with medals. It doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily like them. But it does mean that other people than the winemaker have given the thumbs up.

So, to the white: Asda’s own ‘Extra Special’ Soave Classico 2009 (North East Italy). 12% by volume, down to £4 from £5.98, this is youthful, with floral and toasty aromas; apples and citrus too. Bone dry with good acidity; soft on the mouth, and a grapefruit taste. Try it with local fish or seafood pasta.

The red is Rigal The Original Malbec 2009. Vin de Pays du Lot (South West France). 13% by volume; £5 down from £7.47. Strawberries, leather and wood on the nose. A dry red with good body and flavours of black cherries and vanilla. Try it with steak and a salad.

These offers are on until the end of the month. As ever, enjoy them responsibly! And please get in touch to let me know what you think.

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